Enterprise Mobile Approving Processes pack.

The process of Approving is a hot topic in every operating enterprise. Particular approval requests, their quantity and complexity varies on the company’s size and type, one generic rule always apply- The amount of deciding/approving grows with the manager’s position and therefore it logically burdens the most busy ones.

mApproval provides you with all the context information (including the attachments) necessary for the decision-making.

Included in the package are configurable program settings, wich let the customer easily widen the functional portfolio with new types of workflows or business objects.

mApproval - Mobile solution for enterprise approving processes, either as a generic action, or for a specific business object.

Key features of mApproval

  • full or partial process-approval for documents like invoices, orders, vacation requests, attendance, etc.
  • not restricted with standardised SAP process settings
  • saves time for both managing and subordinate positions
  • flexible workflow – approving can happen anywhere and anytime
  • configurable program settings allow the customer to extend the functionalities with new types of workflows and business objects