Enterprise Mobile Time Tracking Companion

No matter if you’re looking for an easy way to get insights on your daily activities, or for a system that allows you to collect all your activities on customer’s engagements for invoicing it- mTimesheet is the right tool for you.

No matter if you are using SAP backend or some proprietary nonSAP systems, mTimesheet thanks to its flexible interface is easy to integrate with it, and:

  • Synchronize engagements (projects) that you have currently opened by your customers.
  • Together with sessions, indicating when you’ve started working, for how long and when you’ve stopped working, mTimesheet is able to create accurate daily timesheets and to synchronize data to the backend systems for later invoicing

mTimesheet - Mobile solution for enterprise approving processes, either as a generic action, or for a specific business object.

Key features of mTimesheet

  • clean synoptic UI
  • highly intuitive controls
  • customizable work-type settings
  • 100% accurate data
  • elimination of the post-processing time