Tax Report

Tax Report

This add-on will streamline your overall report generation process. Without getting up from your desk, during a little while and with minimum effort, you will be able to present your flawless tax return electronically.

What we offer: We shall be glad to support you in introducing a solution, in the testing of which we were involved. Our intention is not just “installing the program” for you, but also supporting you in all the activities required for your solution to be implemented.

The official report for tax purpose is a standard solution provided by SAP, calculating the values in compliance with the law and generating an XML file intended for upload via the Tax Portal.

Key features of Tax Report

  • Implementation of all relevant SAP Notes
  • Customizing (setup)
  • Testing, creating test scenarios
  • Training, teaching the solution logic
  • Providing a user manual and setup documentation
  • Productive support, support in problem solving